8 hours

Galilee Christian tour

A day in the footsteps of early days Christianity in the Galilee


  • Wash your feet at the sea of Galilee, where tradition of Jesus' walking of water exist.
  • Visit the church of beatitudes – where the Sermon on the mount was given.
  • Stroll down Capernaum – an ancient synagogue where Jesus taught 2000 years ago.
"Bring a notebook as he leads you on your journey because you are going to learn a lot."
Bavscalii / Tripadvisor

The Galilee is the area where Jesus lived for the last years of his life, creating a community of believers around him, performing miracles, and by that changing the history of the world forever. The tour would follow the stops of Jesus in the Galilee, including Mt of Beatitudes where there sermon on the mount was taught, the synagogue of Capernaum – where Jesus lived for a while, the ancient village of Magdala and a boat of the 1st century A.D – that could have used Jesus and the students.

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