8 hours

Masada and the Dead sea

Travel to the lowest place in the world for a combination of nature, history, and a floating experience


  • Float at the dead sea – a salt lake located at the lowest point on earth.
  • hear the incredible story of Masada on top of the 2000 year old fortress.
"We hiked mountains, swam in the dead sea, and toured historic sites, all while learning about the fascinating past, present, and future of Israel."
David W / Tripadvisor

The Judean desert has always been a rural area that collected to it those who escaped from Jerusalem. Visiting the fortress on top of a flat top mountain - Masada – we'll learn about the Roman history of the region under king Herod and see his incredible palaces and bathhouses. Masada is also one of the most important places where Jewish history took part, as a group of Rebels escaped from the Romans at the year 74 A.D. We'll go to their synagogue and hear about their story.

Later – when was the last time you naturally floated in water? The dead sea is 10 times saltier than the ocean, allowing you to float in the water as you go in. We'll go to a private beach to experience it's wonders, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in this incredible natural spa.

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