9 hours

Golan heights

A journey of nature, military history and wine.


  • Observe at Syria from the top of a non-active Volcano
  • Experience a Jeep ride at a De-Militarized Zone
  • Hike to see the water sources of Israel
  • Sip wine at a local winery
  • Visit a kibbutz
  • Eat at a Druze village
"Perfect balance between hiking, historical landmarks, and other recreational activities."
Justin A / Tripadvisor

The Golan is a fascinating region, different from anything else in the country. The very few people who live in it are Druze and Jewish Kibbutz members – coexisting side by side. The tour would start by explaining the Golan military importance and recent developments from top of a volcano, followed by a jeep ride near the border to understand the implications of the Syrian war on the region. After lunch at a local Druze village we'll go hike one of the national parks where rivers are flowing towards the sea of Galilee, visit a Kibbutz – a communist establishment that in one with Israel's history, and taste some wine at wine of the local wineries.

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