8 hours

Surrounding the Gaza strip

Get a lesson of the country most burning question – what's happening with the Gaza strip.


  • See the Gaza strip from a local viewpoint
  • Visit an Iron dome (missile interception) unit
  • Tour the city of Sderot – a bunkered city under rocket threat
"Shai did an excellent job of illuminating many of the complexities of the conflict and the reality of life in Israel and Palestine while remaining sensitive to the variety of narratives that define Israeli-Palestinian relations."
John S / Tripadvisor

Although one cannot just enter the Gaza strip, visiting the Israeli cities and kibbutzim around it can provide a view of what is becoming one of the most problematic issues to solve in this conflict. This tour would try to explain how Israelis live in such proximity rocket fire & terror tunnels and what are the recent developments in the area. We'll visit Erez checkpoint – the only entrance/exit for individuals from Gaza to Israel – explaining who can cross there and how does it work, go to a viewpoint – to understand how Gaza swapped hands between Egypt, Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas – and how big is the humanitarian crisis in it, visit an Iron dome unit to discuss rocket fire and tour the bunkered city of Sderot to see how local Israelis live in such proximity to the strip.

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