5 hours

Beit Lehem

A journey to the Palestinian territories - seeing walls, checkpoints and holy sites.


  • Walk along the Separation wall/Security barrier separating Israel and the Palestinian territories.
  • Visit the exceptional exhibition by Banksy at the 'walled off hotel'.
  • Touch the place where Jesus was born – at the church of nativity.
"His unbiased delivery allowed for an objective perspective of the deep and complex history."
Brian & Katherine J / Tripadvisor

The city of Beit Lehem is just south of Jerusalem, but the crossing between these two must be done through one of the checkpoints. How did it happen? This tour will give a history to the political conflict from different points of views, explaining the Israeli and Palestinian narratives on issues such as the Intifada, the wall, and security vs land confiscation.

We’ll visit the Separation wall/Security barrier and here both explanations – Israeli and Palestinian – on why was it built, visit the exhibition in the walled off hotel – a fascinating place built by street artist Banksy that explains the Palestinian narrative of life under Israeli occupation, and go visit the birthplace of Christ at the church of the nativity – one of the oldest churches of the world. Traveling in and out of Beit Lehem would be done through the Rachel Tomb checkpoint.

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