9 hours

A west bank introduction tour

A multi narrative tour of one of the most disputed territories in the world


  • See the west bank from a 1000 meters/3000 ft observatory and understand it's size and importance
  • Visit a settlement and learn why was it established
  • Visit Bet Lehem to get a lesson of Palestinian life on the other side of the wall
"Shai displayed incredible knowledge of this complex region of the world."
John Owens / Tripadvisor

West bank or Judea and Samaria? Occupied or disputed? Who does it belong to? Who started this conflict and where are we going from here? This tour will try to answer these questions. Standing at the top of the 1000 meters viewpoint at the settlement Neve Daniel, we'll see the whole width of the west bank and learn about it's creation, what are areas A,B,C, the Palestinian authority and the dispute over settlements and outposts.

Later, we'll drive to mt Herodion for a historic tour of one of King Herod's building projects, a place so special that Herod chose to be his own tomb. Later, we'll go to Bet Lehem to understand what is Palestinian life over the wall/fence, walking to see the different graffiti on the wall, checkpoints, the exhibition at the Banksy walled off hotel and the church of nativity – the place where Christ was born.

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