8 hours

Galilee religions and people

Tour between different faiths, holy sites and historical points in the diverse Galilee region


  • Visit the Kabbalah synagogues at the ancient city of Safed.
  • Tour the church of the Annunciation at Nazareth.
  • Learn about the Druze faith at the holy site of Nebi Shueib.
"(Shai) offered the perfect mixture of information, stories, fun, culture, and sentiment."
lskushner / Tripadvisor

The Galilee is amongst Israel's most beautiful regions, but perhaps also the most ethnically diverse. Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze are living in one small region where traditions and beliefs exist for hundreds to thousands of years. This tour goes between this religions and towns, visiting Safed – the main Jewish site of Kabbalah – the mystics of Judaism, to Nazareth – visiting the biggest Arab city in the region for the place where Christianity started – the church of the annunciation, and going to Nebi Shueib – the holy site in the world for Druze – a fascinating religion that could be found mainly in Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

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