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All Sides Of Israel

In our tours we’ll address both historical and current events from a balanced & non-biased point of view to help you determine your views of this land for yourself.

Nevertheless we’ll have plenty  fun on the way.
Looking forward to having you over :)

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I'm Shai

A native Israeli, born in Jerusalem (1986) and was raised in a liberal Jewish home. Growing up in one of the most fascinating places in the world, I was always fascinated by the cultural diversity my city and country had to offer.

Following my military service I spent a year in north and south America and then came home to get my tour guide license. Over the years I got increasingly exposed to our complexed political reality and turned my interest in politics into my job – aspiring to present all different communities and internal disputes of this region to my travellers as objectively as possible.

I have a B.A. in middle eastern history and a M.A in middle eastern recent history from Tel Aviv University. I work with different groups from various places around the world, aiming to keep them engaged and interested in life here.

In the press

i worked with...

The UK Conservative Party
LGBTQ nat. mission by JFNA
London Business School
National Geographic Expeditions
Peter Oborne (The Telegraph)
Sara Toth Stub (Tablet)
A Wider Bridge LGBT Clergy Mission

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