2.5 hours

Queer Tel Aviv

Learn about what makes Tel Aviv the LGBTQ capital of the middle east


* Get a drink in of of Tel Aviv's LGBTQ bars

* Pay honor to the LGBTQ victims of the holocaust at the city's memorial

* Tour the city via pink glasses to hear the unique story of the queer community - successes and difficulties

"He also is really informed on LGBTQ+ topics and areas to go... ask him about his opinions on The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert :)"

How is it that Tel Aviv became such a paradise for the LGBTQ community, and does that mean that the struggle is over? In this tour we'll trace the city's queer history, visit important LGBTQ stops that made this city a queer destination, and discuss the LGBTQ community's struggle in the city and in the country. Get ready to see Tel Aviv in a way you didn't see before!

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