2 hours

HaCarmel, Tel Aviv

Tastes, colors and smells from all over the world in downtown Tel Aviv


  • Have Lackhukh or Saluf Yemeni bread.
  • Drink local Arak until you start liking it (it takes a while).
  • Taste Masabakha – the local hummus.
"Shai answered all questions from politics, history, food, night life, random things, and more. He had a huge part in making our trip remarkable."
Kendra L / Tripadvisor

In downtown Tel Aviv, between the bars, boutique shops and tourist attractions, sits the beautiful Yemenite vineyard and the Carmel market. This tour would combine both, and would answer the questions – What is Tel Aviv food all about? How did Mizrahi music start and how did it succeed and what does all of it has to do with hip hop? How are the Israeli beers and what is Arak? And of course, what is the number one Hungarian dessert?

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