7 hours

Jerusalem political tour

Understanding the political reality of Israel's capital and the complexities and challenges of its residents


  • Visit and understand what are east and west Jerusalem and where are the main challenges in the unity.
  • See the Separation wall/Security Fence.
  • Visit Silwan – a lesson of religion.
  • Geo-politics and real-estate.
"Shai is extremely knowledgeable about Israeli politics and all current events, which helped us (me especially) understand the diversity of the country."
Morgan A / Tripadvisor

For 19 years, the city of Jerusalem stood divided between Israel and Jordan. The short 6-days war has put an end to the division, united it's eastern and western sides. How does a re-united city look and feels like? Is that a true unity? And what are the main challenges in it? This tour will try answering these questions: Starting at mt Olives we'll get an understanding of what east and west Jerusalem are – who lives where, and how it could be that 40% of the Jerusalemites are not citizens of the state of Israel. Going to see Isa'wiya and Sho'efat refugee camp would give us an explanation of the complexities of proximities of different Jewish and Palestinian neighborhoods, some of them located on the other side of the Separation/Security Wall/Fence. Last, we'll go to Silwan – a historic area where King David might have walked around and nowadays a real estate battle is taking place, as more Jews are entering this Palestinian village.

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