9 hours

The coast cities Caesarea, Haifa & Akko

Visit Israel's coast cities: Caesarea, Haifa, and Acre – for a journey of history, archaeology, food and beautiful spots


  • Sit at the theatre of Caesarea – where concerts are still taking place – 2000 years after its original building.
  • View Haifa from the Bahai gardens – one of the most beautiful places in the middle east.
  • Go under ground to see crusader remanence at Acre – an 4000 year old port city, located a few miles away from Lebanon.
" (Shai) Provided great storytelling that helped me understand history of each place I visited"
saekkarat / Tripadvisor

Ancient civilizations always needed ports to set a ground at their empires. This tour will trace back to the Roman capital of Judea – the city of Caesarea. We'll visit the ancient Theatre, Palaces, Amphitheater and even the old toilets and what was the biggest building project of Roman days here.

Later, we'll continue to Haifa – a city that became a symbol of co-existence, where Muslims, Christians, Jews and Bahai all live together, and discuss the city's stories from the viewpoint of the world famous Bahai Gardens.

Last, we'll get to Acre – the Crusaders capital of the holy land, where a short walk underneath the ground would lead us into some of the best Crusader remains in the world. Acre is a port city – fish and sea food are fresh, and the market is open and full of colors and flavors.

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