8 hours
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Jerusalem old city

Visit the breath-taking old city of Jerusalem, home to Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


  • Leave a note with your prayer at the Wailing wall.
  • See the place where Christ was crucified.
  • Walk around Al-Aqsa/Temple mount – one of the most beautiful places in the world.
"Shai brought Jerusalem alive for our whole group. It would have been a different place without him."
John McBride II / Trip advisor

For the past 4,000 years Jerusalem has been the spiritual center of the world. It’s the home of Israelis & Palestinians, Jews, Christians & Muslims. This tour will go back to the creation of those religions. We’ll bel visiting all 4 different quarters of the old city, learn about Jewish history at the synagogues of the Jewish quarter and the Roman Cardo, discover Christianity’s early days at the room of the last supper and the holy sepulcher – the site of Christ’s burial & resurrection and connect to the Muslim’s traditions of Muhammad’s night journey at the top to Al Aqsa/Temple mount. To go off the beaten path, we’ll visit a few local gems – a 1,700 year old water cistern, secret view points and a few more surprises.

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