6 hours

Hebron – dual narrative

Get a tour of the conflicted city of Hebron from an Israeli and Palestinian point of views.


  • Visit the Cave of the Patriarchs from both sides – Jewish and Muslim.
  • walk the alleys of the most disputed city in the region.
"I appreciated his ability to connect 20 diverse American college students to the ever-changing Dynamics in Israel-palestine."
Chenab / Tripadvisor

Want to get an immerse lesson on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Hebron is your spot.

So complexed that it's not a part of the A,B,C territories but a zone of its own (H1 & H2), this ancient city has been for years one of the holiest sites of Judaism and Islam, and the political tension between the two communities living in it is still on, and perhaps higher than ever. The tour would go back to the history of the cave of the Patriarchs – the heart of the city, where biblical ancestors are buried, and continue to the Israeli part of the city for the historical center and hear of life under terror, followed by a visit to the Palestinian side to hear of life under occupation and it's implications.

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